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SAIZEN 8MG   is an artificial active substance synthesized in the laboratory. It works exactly like the hormones produced by the body.

List of inactive excipients / ingredients:

Sodium hydroxide
Phosphoric acid.


Delay or avoid treatment for good in the following cases:

Acute respiratory insufficiency
Cancer (active tumors)
Very high level of sugar in the blood (diabetes)
Intolerance to the drug or its ingredients.
One of the disadvantages of Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is that it can increase the blood sugar level, but not in all users. If obesity or overweight is accompanied by high levels of glucose, you should use growth hormone with caution.

This medicine can affect the activity of the thyroid gland. If you feel tired, there is no obvious reason for this, it can be a symptom of low levels of thyroid hormones.


Although it is an injectable medicine, Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is very easy to use. The drug is intended to be self-administered using a syringe or a special device for self-injection.

The active ingredient Somatropin is supplied as a white powder. The powder must be mixed with a bacteriostatic solvent (clear solution), also included in the package.

When you buy Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy you will find the instructions for use (with photos) and the dosing recommendations in the package. Here are the most important nuances:

Saizen is generally accepted in the evening or before bedtime.
The solution is better than nerves and joints.
The dose depends on the conditions to be treated and body weight.
The drug is administered daily or several times a week, depending on the purpose of the treatment.


Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is a safe and reliable growth hormone. Like any medication, it can sometimes cause side effects in some people.

Examples of bad reactions:

Excessive thirst.
Redness at the injection site.
Gastrointestinal problems.
Bread in the head or neck.
Sensation of general body discomfort.
Usually, these effects are harmless, do not cause long-term consequences and soon after the first days or weeks of treatment.

The likelihood of such reactions varies considerably depending on:

The age and weight of the patient.
Duration of treatment.
Saizen dose used.
Individual sensitivity.


Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is very effective in treating children and adolescents who are growing slowly. If your child is the best of all children in his class, his body may be producing too little hormone. Therapy with Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy will help your child reach a normal height.

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